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Hi, I’ve been thinking about my own blog that talks about computers,  even I intended it often, but for various reasons, I never did until now. This moment a spark lits my madness to give a go. The main reason to choose this platform is to express myself and to talk about the things on my mind, but I’m not sure if I have something enough to become a regular blogger.

I’m not going to talk about Aliean Technology here, perhaps you may feel this blog is one among the bunch of kid blogs in Internet. And that’s exactly where the point I would like to confess you.

Here I’m going to talk about various of technologies which impressed me to write this, such as.


  •    Different flavors of Linux Operating Systems and their functionality. 
  •    Mostly about HOW TO’s in Windows, Linux & Networking.
  •    It may be about Security tools and information.
  •    And thinks where I’m Into like creating a Linux Operating system from Scratch (LFS), Analyzing Malwares,learning computer languages and many.


So as you felt this is one among them :)

Well, there are still very long way to run and this is going to be quite interesting experience, I’m sure this will be an informative blog to you and I’ll end up in learning a lot with it.