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This article is how to hide your IP address, and how to prevent some one from getting it. It only deals with the basics of it. I will go further on it, in other articles in the future. You will need Mozilla Firefox in order to get anonymous, since it is very easy to install additional plugins which help with this.

The become anonymous, we must first know which information we send out, when we request a website. The IP-Address and User-Agent are the most important headers that are included in a request.

We can hide the IP-Address by using proxy. A proxy forwards the request and returns the data for you. Thus it’s IP will be seen by the server instead of yours. Maybe you think that this is great. Proxy servers can also be very unsafe, when run by an hacker or malicious system operator. The proxy can easily intercept, log or modify the requests you sent through it. Think about this when u are logging in your Facebook account.

There is a more safe solution. The solution is called TOR. TOR is an anonymization project which sends your request through multiple safe proxies (you should google for it!). The request is encrypted and with each node it passes, one layer of encryption is removed. This will eliminate potential logger of your request and your IP will be hidden. A good solution is the Vidalia project, combined with TOR and privoxy. This will also help to combat DNS leaks. This happens when the request is proxified, but the hostname lookup isn’t, thus potentially revealing your ip address
Are we finaly anonymous. The answer is no! The browser also sends out an User-Agent header. This header contains the name of the browser, the version and an unique number. When u visit a website this header is logged. Due to the unique number, a system operator can simply compare the proxified request if it matches an unproxified request. If there is a match, he will have your IP. To combat this, you can use the Firefox plugin modify headers and filter out the User-Agent header.

This measures should be enough to keep you very safe, but there are more thing that you will have to remember, but I shall discuss this in another article, since this is my first. I hope you enjoyed it and learned from it!

Source : hellboundhackers.org

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