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Opscode Chef Knife Commands

Chef is another Configuration Management Tool which is there in industry for years. Okay lets skip the topic of why chef, or why not puppet or ansible or CFengine or whatever. Every tool have their own pros and cons, based on the infrastructure which it suites. In this...
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How To Setup RPM and Debian Repository?

This article describes a simple way to create a home made RPM and Debian repository, lets start with setting up RPM local repository first. How To Setup RPM Repository? There are four simple steps to set up a RPM repository locally, let us assume that the IP address...
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Top 10 Google Advanced Usage

In past few years Google proved why the information sharing is very important to the mankind evolution. Searching on Google is not just about putting in the right keywords, and you definitely don’t need to understand what Hummingbird is all about. Google’s search application is a powerful tool...
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How To Download YouTube Channel?

YouTube has been one of the most efficient resource of internet. Its not developed only to watch and view videos on their website, it allows to download your favourite videos indirectly. Saving the YouTube video file in your computer is pretty simple. Today, there are N number of...
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Introduction To Linux Docker

What is Docker? Docker is a open-source project which provides the isolated environment on top of the base primary Linux Operating System!. Yes, Docker is unlike Virtual Machines or chroot, it uses LXC (Linux Containers) to work on the base Linux operating system, Docker shares the base systems...
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Explanation Of Shellshock Or BashBug With Demonstration

Hi,The Vulnerability CVE-2014-7169, Shellshock is a threatening security flaw which is just discovered in *nix Bash, As we know Bash powers almost all the Linux and Unix operating system even mac. If you are reading this blog right now it empowers bash at the background. This vulnerability is...
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Do You Know To tweak Firefox Shortcuts?

Below is the major list of shortcut command for all versions of Firefox, also the shortcuts remains same in all the Operating System. 1. Keyboard Shortcut-Spacebar: page down-Shift-Spacebar: page up-Ctrl+F: find-Alt-N: find next-Ctrl+D: bookmark page-Ctrl+T: new tab-Ctrl+K: go to search box-Ctrl+L: go to address bar-Ctrl+=: increase text size-Ctrl+-:...
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How to Create a Bootable DOS USB Drive

Those of you with long memories might recall the days playing around Disk Operating System, but its known fact that DOS isn’t used widely anymore. The last thing I remember yet is that, I created a Bootable DOS pen drive for BIOS update. I would like to share...
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