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How To Setup RPM and Debian Repository?

This article describes a simple way to create a home made RPM and Debian repository, lets start with setting up RPM local repository first. How To Setup RPM Repository? There are four simple steps to set up a RPM repository locally, let us assume that the IP address...
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Explanation Of Shellshock Or BashBug With Demonstration

Hi,The Vulnerability CVE-2014-7169, Shellshock is a threatening security flaw which is just discovered in *nix Bash, As we know Bash powers almost all the Linux and Unix operating system even mac. If you are reading this blog right now it empowers bash at the background. This vulnerability is...
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PUPPET PART 1: The First Step In Puppet.

A day in the life of System Admin is a non-fictional story, which is something System Admin do pretty often like putting  physical machine together, racked, cabled, and powered, and the operating system is installed. Then Add some user accounts and passwords, configure security settings and privileges, install all the...
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PUPPET PART 0: The Rockstar Puppet

Google says the meaning of puppet is “A movable mode of a person or animal that is controlled by a strings or by a hand inside in it”. Some times a explanation requires the purpose, here the purpose is going to be a Open Source tool called Puppet....
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How To Run Simple Python Web server?

Most of us think Web Server usually refers to a heavy loaded hardware and software, which  intent to run hardcore programs and applications to make the network or internet alive. Fortunately that’s not true, the primary function of web server is to deliver web page to your browser, most frequently...
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How To Speed Up Linux Boot Process?

We have the misfortune to be living in the presence. In the future, of course, computer will be smart enough to just figure out what we want, until then we need to put our effort to speed up the process. We should have a extremely reliable operating system...
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How To Execute .sh Files In Windows?

Linux user who are intimate to command-line interface interested in inheriting Windows could find lot difficulties in using the commands, because the Windows would ditch you with its own way of  command execution style, which Linux users might not be familiar, in this case you need Cygwin. Cygwin is a Command Line steroid for...
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How To install Tweetdeck Twitter Client in Linux?

The famous microblogging and social networking service Twitter grew viral across the Internet, it has a excellent control over the social tweets and content filter according to your needs. The Twitter third party developers created a twitter client called TweetDeck to make the microblogging simpler, TweetDeck is structured with series of...
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How To Share Mouse And Keyboard Using Synergy?

If you are a computer nerd then your workplace should be cluttered with multiple computers and its input peripherals. To get rid of this untidy mess here comes a great innovative tool to share your mouse, keyboard and clipboard across computers.  Synergy is an ultimate tool which simply allows multiple systems to...
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