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How To Share Mouse And Keyboard Using Synergy?

If you are a computer nerd then your workplace should be cluttered with multiple computers and its input peripherals. To get rid of this untidy mess here comes a great innovative tool to share your mouse, keyboard and clipboard across computers.  Synergy is an ultimate tool which simply allows multiple systems to...
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How To Download Entire Website using Wget ?

Linux is a badass open-source operating system, with overwhelming feature to make the user happy. If you would like to tinkering your experience more on Linux with online tutorials, here’s how you can knock down any website to your local drive using a linux command “wget“. The man page...
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HOW TO: Create ISO images from Terminal in Ubuntu ?

HOW TO: Create ISO image?
We are having a trend where geeks used to bundle files and folders as filename.iso image to upload in Torrent or to send the file across many people, to make the life easier for all. In Linux this task could be handled in multiple ways by using mkisofs program or using Genisoimage utility and...
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HOW TO: Create A Torrent File?

Torrent is the best way to share heavy files with your friends or even with unknown people, Here I’m going to give you a quick and easy steps to create a Torrent file and the list of torrent websites to share your torrent files. But a newbie question is “ WHAT...
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Top 5 Firefox Addons For Anonymous Browsing

The stage of Internet holds approximately more than 200 million active websites. Every website you access tracks you by default. The real problem here is 90% of all websites feed visitor to Google, where your online activities are linked and log every single moment of your internet experience, means even if...
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HOW TO: Create Your Own Linux Distribution?

As every one know Linux is an unlicensed version of Unix with family of clusters in distributions which includes a large collection of ideological concepts in it. But most popular question I receive from Non-Linux user circle is “Which is Best Linux Distribution ?” .Well at that point...
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HOW TO: configure Loopback Interface in Linux & Windows?

loopback pic
A Loopback interface is a virtual interface which is not connected to any device. Loopback interfaces are very useful because they will never go down, unless the entire system goes down. Loopback interface really helps in learning communication between the host and the guest Operating System and also...
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HOW TO: Setup Public DNS In Ubuntu?

Is your Internet connection make you age old in connecting websites? Here comes an alternate way to connect websites through public DNS service like  Google DNS or OpenDNS. The working principal of public DNS will make your web-surfing experience reliable, faster and safer than DNS server of your ISP. When you are...
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