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Top 10 Google Advanced Usage

In past few years Google proved why the information sharing is very important to the mankind evolution. Searching on Google is not just about putting in the right keywords, and you definitely don’t need to understand what Hummingbird is all about. Google’s search application is a powerful tool...
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How To Download YouTube Channel?

YouTube has been one of the most efficient resource of internet. Its not developed only to watch and view videos on their website, it allows to download your favourite videos indirectly. Saving the YouTube video file in your computer is pretty simple. Today, there are N number of...
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Do You Know To tweak Firefox Shortcuts?

Below is the major list of shortcut command for all versions of Firefox, also the shortcuts remains same in all the Operating System. 1. Keyboard Shortcut-Spacebar: page down-Shift-Spacebar: page up-Ctrl+F: find-Alt-N: find next-Ctrl+D: bookmark page-Ctrl+T: new tab-Ctrl+K: go to search box-Ctrl+L: go to address bar-Ctrl+=: increase text size-Ctrl+-:...
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How To install Tweetdeck Twitter Client in Linux?

The famous microblogging and social networking service Twitter grew viral across the Internet, it has a excellent control over the social tweets and content filter according to your needs. The Twitter third party developers created a twitter client called TweetDeck to make the microblogging simpler, TweetDeck is structured with series of...
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TOP 4 Facebook Album Photo Downloaders.

The characteristics of living organisms over Internet definitely knows about Facebook in nature, but they are not aware of How to Download Facebook Album Photos, you may have your own reason to do that too! and obviously you know to create your photo album on Facebook but it...
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HOW TO: Back Up Firefox Browser Password ?

You see it every day, what we call the browser which projects the way to make things look great to human eye through the graphical web windows. They can dramatically change the way you interact with the web. Here is the scenario, If your browser holds sensitive data’s...
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HOW TO: Use Feedly RSS reader?

Back in march, Google announced the death of its popular Google reader, passing on to alternative the next big noise was potentially created by Feedly. Initially Feedly was a client application for using Google reader, but with the demise of that service, Feedly has become a standalone RSS...
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Important Privacy Settings In Facebook to Notify.

Facebook can be a extremely powerful tool. While you’re probably using it to hold your boundaries, privacy is a common factor where people apparently lose their state of being safe. Here you can follow few simple steps to make sure you are not sharing anything outside your comfort...
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