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Below is the major list of shortcut command for all versions of Firefox, also the shortcuts remains same in all the Operating System.

1. Keyboard Shortcut

-Spacebar: page down

-Shift-Spacebar: page up

-Ctrl+F: find

-Alt-N: find next

-Ctrl+D: bookmark page

-Ctrl+T: new tab

-Ctrl+K: go to search box

-Ctrl+L: go to address bar

-Ctrl+=: increase text size

-Ctrl+-: decrease text size

-Ctrl-W: close tab

-F5: reload

-Alt-Home: go to home page

2. Mouse Shortcuts

-Middle click on link: opens in new tab

-Shift-scroll down: previous page

-Shift-scroll up: next page

-Ctrl-scroll up: decrease text size

-Ctrl-scroll down: increase text size

-Middle click on a tab: closes tab

3.Adding smart keywords

If you use a particular search a lot:

Right-click on search box > Add a Keyword for the search > Name the keyword and a shortcut name > Save 

Now, everytime you want to do the specific search:

Firefox address bar > Type the keyword for instant search


Address bar (Control-L) > name of site sans “www” or “.com” > Control-Enter to auto-fill 

In case of .net addresses: Control-Enter is replaced by Shift-Enter

In case of .org addresses: Control-Enter is replaced by Control-Shift-Enter 

5.Tab navigation

-Ctrl+Tab: rotate forward among tabs

-Ctrl+Shft+Tab: rotate to the previous tab

-Ctrl+1-9: choose a number to jump to a specific tab

6.Deleting items from address bar history

Address bar (Ctrl-L) > Type an address > Use down-arrow to go down to an address you want to delete > Delete key

7.Speeding up Firefox (for Broadband connections)

Type about:config in address bar and hit return > type network.http in the filter field:

-Set network.http.pipelining to true

-Set network.http.proxy.pipelining to true

-Set network.http.pipelining.maxrequests to any number 

-Right-click anywhere and select New Integer > name it nglayout.initialpaint.delay > set its value to 0

8.Limiting RAM usage

about:config > filter browser.cache > select browser.cache.disk.capacity > lower the value down from 50000


Okay, I feel this article is boring!!!   If you feel the same leave your comments to make it better in next article.

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