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Its been around eight years, I am still under a treatment to recover myself from Facebook disorder. If you fall under my category, then you should know to safeguard yourself from the Internet risks like Malware, Phishing Scam and Hacking. Here are few tips to stay secure.


When you agree to play a game on Facebook, you also agree to make all your private information in your profile available to the game maker’s company. The company uses your information for keep them better in Internet Market, and that is how money generates for them. Most people fails to realize, this will get even more worst if you don’t play games or access applications on Facebook, your friends who do still put you at risk.

“With some games and applications, your friend can allow access to their profile, which also gives the game maker’s company to access your’s. There’s this perception that you’re only sharing your profile with your friends and family on Facebook,” says Wisniewski. “You need to consider that anything you put in Facebook may be accessed public, so don’t include anything that would be good bait for identity thieves.” This could include removing from your profile your birthday, hometown and high school or college all of which are pieces of information that can be used to confirm your identity, says Erickson adds.


Alternate option is that nearly guarantees your safety is creating a new Facebook account with essentially no personal information, to use just for gaming and application purposes. “You can share this account with your friends if you are interested in social gaming or downloading applications, but because you’ll have very little or no information in it, you reduce your likelihood of getting phished and having information stolen,” Erickson says.


Facebook  privacy policy and settings are ever-evolving, so stay up to date with its changes. Your privacy settings dashboard allows you to access who and what has access to your profile, who can search for you, the information that appears on your wall and news feed, and which information is available to the applications you use. As changes in Facebook’s privacy policy are made, revisit your settings and change them as necessary.


Your web browser may have serious security flaws that allow malicious websites and Facebook Apps and Games to read your files, damage your files, steal your passwords, infect your computer with viruses and much more. Erickson says. “If there are exploits in a banner ad, you’re basically screwed if you’re using an old browser,” he says. “Usually when people are attacked like this, spamming or botnet software is installed, so you don’t even know anything happened.


If you have overlooked surfing habit, then you should start using some special web browsers like “Tor”, which really help you to be anonymous while accessing Apps and Games in Facebook. And even it helps you to defend against a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy.You can Download Tor here.


Trust your instincts and take a good judgement, before wandering in Facebook or other Social Media to secure your privacy. 


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