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We might have thought for some applications, it should run automatically when the computer gets started such as any downloading applications and so on. To make the program run on startup there are few ways available. Here we’ll see the way to edit the registry to run application at the startup.

I first recommend you to backup the registry to avoid any unexpectable incidents happen. The step by step procedure is given below. In this tutorial, Let us consider Notepad application to be run on startup.

Step 1:

Go to Startup menu  Click Run option or press Windows Key + R

You’ll get a window popped up with combo box to type in.

Step 2:

Type regedit in the provided space in Run window and Click on OK.

The registry window will be opened where you can modify windows activities. I again recommend you to not to do any alterations in windows registry without having good knowledge of it.

Step 3:

You can see many hives in it with “+” symbol before to each option to collapse or leave it open.

Click and Expand HKEY_CURRENT_USER

Navigate and locate the following path by collapsing the hives 


Click on Run Folder. On the right side of window you’ll get to see the attributes available in it.

In the white space area do right click to get a pop up window displaying few options.

Highlight and Expand New – > String Value

A new attribute will be shown below the list at last position. You can rename it as you wish. Here I rename it as notepad.

Now do right click on notepad  attribute  then click modify

A New window will be opened which has options to modify value data. In this area you need to give a location of the executable file, here notepad located in c:windowsnotepad.exe


you could follow the same steps to add few more attributes, which you like to launch at the startup.

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