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You see it every day, what we call the browser which projects the way to make things look great to human eye through the graphical web windows. They can dramatically change the way you interact with the web. Here is the scenario, If your browser holds sensitive data’s such as logins and passwords, and you should want to back up the information so that you can restore it if anything goes wrong. But the question is “ HOW TO BACK UP BROWSER PASSWORD ? “  So I’m gonna give you a solution to carry your favorite browser passwords with you anywhere .


In the case of Firefox there is a Add-on called Password Extractor where the name clearly states what it does, This Add-on enables you to export all passwords which you saved in your Firefox browser to a file of CSV or XML formats. The same program can also used to import the back up passwords .

STEP 1) Goto Tools and click Add-on or press  ( Ctrl+Shift+A ) .

STEP 2) You will be greeted with an Add-on Manager and there you should search for Password Exporter Add-on and install it .


STEP 3) After the installation your browser required a restart .


STEP 4) Finally its ready to export or import your Passwords by using Export Password and Import Password buttons.



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