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The characteristics of living organisms over Internet definitely knows about Facebook in nature, but they are not aware of How to Download Facebook Album Photos, you may have your own reason to do that too! and obviously you know to create your photo album on Facebook but it is not easy to save Facebook albums on your local drive, by following some tools and techniques which listed below you can achieve it easily.


Fotobouce is a private network for desktop photo organizing task that uses face recognition to make it fun and easy to manage your photos, family moments and photography. It supports windows and mac. you can download fotobounce here .

2)Pick N Zip

Pick&Zip is a complete free online tool that will allow user to download photos from Facebook in a single zip or pdf file format. The best part is you do not have to download any software on your computer to use Pick n Zip service. you can check out Pick N Zip here .

3)Album Copier

Album copier is another tool to download albums in social networking websites like Facebook, orkut, myspace,flicker, picasa and more . you can download it here .

You can download and install the application, then right-click on the web page which has the album to download, there you can locate a option Download with Web Album C copier ” to start the download process.

4) Photojacker

Photojacker is previously known as Facepad, it is a Firefox add-on that let you to download your Facebook photo albums in a single click but the major problem is Facebook ban this add-on due to security issues. Though its banned  you can still see the pirated version of photojacker on Google or here. Even the experts is not recommending to use photojacker, because some malicious code may inject on photojacker script to compromise your privacy.

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