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If you use Gmail as one of your Email client, then there you go with it every day; at work, at home, on your phone!! but most of us get embarrassed due to the maintenance of multiple Email accounts. Here Google gives a offer to transfer all your existing Gmail messages to your primary mail, it could be on @outlook.com, @yahoo.com, @yourcompany.com or anything else, just by following few simple steps.

The process of transferring mails make use of Google scripts, which gives programmatic access to the Google services including Google Drive, Gmail, Google Contact, Calender, Maps and more. The scripts are written in regular JavaScript which are hosted in Google Server. Here we are going to use Google Drive for initiating the mail transfer.

To start the process log on to the Gmail Account in which you would like to initiate the mail transfer Then click on this link to copy the Mail transferring sheet to your Google Drive. The link will respond a page like this, and you need to click on “Yes, make a copy” to go further


You’ll see a regular Google Sheet with a new Gmail menu in it


Then click on the Gmail menu, that will give you a drop down of three options,


Choose the “Transfer” from the Gmail menu drop down, then authorize to allow the script to access your Gmail account


Once the script has been authorized, click on the “Gmail” menu and select “Transfer” to enter the Email address which you would like to receive the auto-forwarded Gmail messages.


Great!! The Google script will take care of rest of the things in background automatically, and it creates a label “cloned” in your Gmail where it contains all the successfully forward Email messages, actually it helps in keep track of messages that have been processed. The message in the Trash, Spam, Sent Mail are ignored by the Google script.

colone tabeThe process depend upon few factor before initiating the transfer, such as the size of mailbox, Gmail message sending limit and file attachments.

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