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It can be so hard to protect your private files in the world of windows. That’s why, a innovative utility came on shine to seal your private information into any image, audio, video or adobe files. The Openpuff is a freeware utility which uses the principles of Stenography in order to hide the information into regular file.

Openpuff can holds upto 250 Mb of encrypted data into a regular files like .pdf, .png, wave, etc.. rather than using a specific extension. This has a unique layer of security with high multi-cryptography levels in encrypting the data. This sort of encryption are the best way to share classified binary information across the peers.

You can download Openpuff here.

To start the process of hiding and unhiding the data’s, launch the Openpuff application file. The display interface literally looks like this,


To conceal a list of files inside a photo of your favorite star click Hide button. This will greet you with the configuration window like this


Click the Browse button to add your secret files 


Then choose the file format in which your output you wish to be and then click Hide Data button and now choose the path to place the output.


It will display the task report like this.


Great!! you are done with the Hiding process.

To Unhide The Data:

The unhide process basically reverses the hidding process. You need to enter the password that you have used to protect the data. Then you select all carrier files and the bit selection that you have selected in the process of hiding the data.Then you are presented with a SaveAs window to select a folder to save the hidden file to.



SetMark Feature

The SetMark feature lets you add a string of text to a file, such as a hidden copyright message which could be used as the rightfull owner.



So you got the process to share data in secure way. That’s Great!!! Happy Reading….

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