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Electronic-Mail is one of the popular digital message connecting medium in Internet over decades, as a result it is the number one target for hackers to play around human intuitions. They psychologically manipulate human to give up confidential information, this sort of extracting private information is called as Social Engineering attack.

The Social Engineering techniques are based on specific attributes to trick and to exploit people on their trust to obtain private information. Here the attack vector is going be Email.

Let’s assume that, the attacker did a basic study about you from social Networking sites to gather information on your contact list, and now he doesn’t need to hack your personal Email ID, instead he may use your Email ID to attack a person from your contact list. To be more specific the attacker could compose a Email from your ID pretending to have an attachment as a Electronic-greeting or a job opening to your friend, as you guessed the attachment might contain a harmful program that could set a unauthorized access to  your friend’s computer or Email. But you may doubt how an attacker could use your Email ID to write mails.

There are multiple techniques and android apps to compose a fake mail, Here I’m gonna show you one of the popular Fake Email service website to do the job. emkei.cz  is a online free fake mailer with Advance features such as encryption, attachments, HTML editor, custom Header and X-mailer options in it. 


Just by looking at the above image you will come to know the options which are there to send a fake mail. Moreover, it has Advance settings such as confirming delivery, timezone settings, customizing header and locking the mail with encryption and more to make your fake mail as trusted mail. So this is how the internet privacy has gone for a toss, be safe don’t trust anyone in the Internet world, moreover limit the information about you in Social Networking website. You can refer the bellow article for configuring the privacy settings in Facebook.


Hope this article helps you to understand the seriousness of Internet Privacy and Email frauds. 

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