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I came across a interesting feature in VLC Media Player, which makes Video or Mp3 recording whole lot easier. VLC is rolling out with a cool character that let users to record the visual quality of video and Mp3 with a click of few buttons. In this article I attempt to take a little tutor on “HOW TO: Use VLC Media Player as Video & MP3 Cutter In Windows?“.

VLC Media Player is pretty easy to install in Windows, just download VLC from this link. Then follow few forward clicks, that make you to install VLC in Windows.

Make VLC Media Player as Video or Mp3 Cutter   

After installation open VLC media player, select View option in menu bar and then click on “Advanced Controls“.

Advancd option


Now you could find few advanced options are added in VLC player, like Recording, Taking snaps, Looping from point A to B and Frame by Frame.

vlc options included


Here we go, just run a video to record your favourite scenes,


If you click on Red button it will record the scenes, you could find all the recorded clips in user Libraries


If you click on the second button, it will take the snap shot of the video and save it in user Libraries.


If you click on the third button once it will mark a point ‘A’ in video and then you need to click the same button again to mark the point ‘B’ in video, so that it will get looped between point A and B which make the video record easy.



The last button is about moving the video frame by frame, which really helps in accuracy.



Hope you enjoyed the article feel free to leave your comments.

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