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Facebook can be a extremely powerful tool. While you’re probably using it to hold your boundaries, privacy is a common factor where people apparently lose their state of being safe. Here you can follow few simple steps to make sure you are not sharing anything outside your comfort zone.

Spare few minutes to safeguard your Facebook privacy settings. When Facebook constantly making changes in profile privacy, it is good idea to take a look on it often.


Locate the core area of your profile, which organized into tabs under your profile cover photo.


To begin the process, click on “About” heading and scroll down and select “See All”.


The “About” section is divided into multiple sub-sections, with a wealth of personal information which explains lot about the person. You have to manually change the privacy settings for almost every granular element.

To check your privacy status,¬†click on “Edit” at the top-right of each section.

You will see an icon next to each bit of info in the new expanded view. The icon changes, depending on the privacy level, but you’ll most likely see a globe icon, indicating that info is public, or a two-person icon, which says info should visible for friends’ eyes only.

To change the privacy standard, click on the icon and select the option you want from the drop-down menu.

If you don’t have time to check your entire “About” section, I suggest to examine close at your “Contact Information” sub-section at the very least. Because this is were the exact point it makes you to be a victim of some Internet crimes.

Trust your intuition and follow the safety procedure to keep your information safe and secure.

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