HOW TO: Hide Files In Pictures?

It can be so hard to protect your private files in the world of windows. That’s why, a innovative utility came on shine to seal your private information into any image, audio, video or adobe files. The Openpuff is a freeware utility which uses the principles of Stenography in order to...
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HOW TO: Create A Torrent File?

Torrent is the best way to share heavy files with your friends or even with unknown people, Here I’m going to give you a quick and easy steps to create a Torrent file and the list of torrent websites to share your torrent files. But a newbie question is “ WHAT...
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TOP 4 Facebook Album Photo Downloaders.

The characteristics of living organisms over Internet definitely knows about Facebook in nature, but they are not aware of How to Download Facebook Album Photos, you may have your own reason to do that too! and obviously you know to create your photo album on Facebook but it...
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HOW TO: Back Up Firefox Browser Password ?

You see it every day, what we call the browser which projects the way to make things look great to human eye through the graphical web windows. They can dramatically change the way you interact with the web. Here is the scenario, If your browser holds sensitive data’s...
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Top 5 Firefox Addons For Anonymous Browsing

The stage of Internet holds approximately more than 200 million active websites. Every website you access tracks you by default. The real problem here is 90% of all websites feed visitor to Google, where your online activities are linked and log every single moment of your internet experience, means even if...
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HOW TO:Delete USB Device Information from Registry?

USB Drive Icon Green
The natural structure of Windows operating system is more intelligent to store Device Information in registry, every time when you connect to the new devices. It enumerate details about USB and other peripherals. The actual reason behind this activity is it helps in removing old, unused or unwanted...
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HOW TO: Create Your Own Linux Distribution?

As every one know Linux is an unlicensed version of Unix with family of clusters in distributions which includes a large collection of ideological concepts in it. But most popular question I receive from Non-Linux user circle is “Which is Best Linux Distribution ?” .Well at that point...
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HOW TO: configure Loopback Interface in Linux & Windows?

loopback pic
A Loopback interface is a virtual interface which is not connected to any device. Loopback interfaces are very useful because they will never go down, unless the entire system goes down. Loopback interface really helps in learning communication between the host and the guest Operating System and also...
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HOW TO: Use Feedly RSS reader?

Back in march, Google announced the death of its popular Google reader, passing on to alternative the next big noise was potentially created by Feedly. Initially Feedly was a client application for using Google reader, but with the demise of that service, Feedly has become a standalone RSS...
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