HOW TO: Setup Public DNS In Ubuntu?

Is your Internet connection make you age old in connecting websites? Here comes an alternate way to connect websites through public DNS service like  Google DNS or OpenDNS. The working principal of public DNS will make your web-surfing experience reliable, faster and safer than DNS server of your ISP. When you are...
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Important Privacy Settings In Facebook to Notify.

Facebook can be a extremely powerful tool. While you’re probably using it to hold your boundaries, privacy is a common factor where people apparently lose their state of being safe. Here you can follow few simple steps to make sure you are not sharing anything outside your comfort...
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Top 10 Security/Hacking Tools & Utilities

There is a crucial need for tools that accurately perform network scanning and vulnerably assessment. This article lists Top 10 Security/Hacking Tools & Utilities that address to keep the infrastructure safe. 1. Nmap Nmap (“Network Mapper”) is a free open source utility for network exploration or security auditing. It was designed to rapidly scan...
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Top 10 Reasons You Must Know Why Your PC Crashes

The most painful moment comes when you encounter error messages or (BSOD) Blue Screen Of Death in your Windows with unsaved documents. Fatal error: the system has become unstable or busy This message will drive you crazy to hit warm restart, if you like to dig deep on...
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All About /etc/ Directory and its Configurations.

If your are a newbie to Linux you may find difficult to figure out the configuration files listed in /etc/ directory. This is a little info on the files found in /etc/ directory. Before heading into the topic I would recommend you not to mess with /etc/ without clear...
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HOW TO: Mount CIFS Windows Share in LINUX?

CIFS (Common Internet File System) is a protocol that defines a standard for remote file access from different platforms and computers, which enables you to share files without installing new softwares. CIFS functions over TCP/IP, and also it uses SMB (Server Message Block) protocol found in Windows for...
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HOW TO: Display a Digital Clock In Terminal?

Think a better world in the absence of clock, where everyone runs their chance of leaving the work undone on time. But this fails if it comes to Linux user. Linux is a intelligent OS species, which could print a continuous Date/Time in terminal so users have their smart way....
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HOW TO: Create Fork BOMB In LINUX?

If you are not thrilled with the real bomb, you can try typing this  :(){ :|:& };:  on your Linux terminal to crash your computer. you do not need to be the root user to do that. That string is known as the Fork bomb. Before you get to know...
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