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Google says the meaning of puppet is “A movable mode of a person or animal that is controlled by a strings or by a hand inside in it”. Some times a explanation requires the purpose, here the purpose is going to be a Open Source tool called Puppet. Puppet is a Rockstar in the world of IT-Infra Management, it helps System Administrator to manage infrastructure throughout its lifecycle just by controlling with a set of puppet scripts.

This series, aims to take you on a tour of basics Puppet scripting. If you got a question that  “why do I need puppet?” , Here is my experience on my job..

I felt I’m going to hate my job, when I received my first assignment after the promotion. I had been asked to deploy and maintain Linux servers in short span. My perception was traditional, that’s messing around the .config files in /etc directory. My deadline was approaching and I couldn’t make it. At that point of time I was introduced to the Puppet Labs by one of my senior colleague.

That moment I believed, I was an ace at a cool, new-age scripting to automate the infra administration. Later I found Puppet is a Rockstar, it can be used for entire life of a server, starting from bootstrapping to shredding and giving up a server. To give you an overview let me explain that you can define distinct configuration for each and every host using puppet, and continuously check and confirm whether the required configuration is in place and is not altered if it configuration is altered, the puppet will revert back to the required configuration on the host.

Puppet is developed by Luke Kanies. It is based on Ruby language, it is supported by Puppet Labs under GPLv2 license.

How Many Platforms Does The Puppet Support?

Puppet supports almost all the major platforms such as

  • HP UX
  • Microsoft Windows
  • BSD
  • MACOS X server
  • Mandriva
  • Red Hat / CentOS / Fedora
  • Debian /Ubuntu

This series of tutorial get me a opportunity to dig more to deliver a pleasant tour on Puppet. Hope you going to like this, stay tuned.

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