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How To Setup RPM and Debian Repository?

This article describes a simple way to create a home made RPM and Debian repository, lets start with setting up RPM local repository first. How To Setup RPM Repository? There are four simple steps to set up a RPM repository locally, let us assume that the IP address...
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PUPPET PART 1: The First Step In Puppet.

A day in the life of System Admin is a non-fictional story, which is something System Admin do pretty often like putting  physical machine together, racked, cabled, and powered, and the operating system is installed. Then Add some user accounts and passwords, configure security settings and privileges, install all the...
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How To Speed Up Linux Boot Process?

We have the misfortune to be living in the presence. In the future, of course, computer will be smart enough to just figure out what we want, until then we need to put our effort to speed up the process. We should have a extremely reliable operating system...
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All About /etc/ Directory and its Configurations.

If your are a newbie to Linux you may find difficult to figure out the configuration files listed in /etc/ directory. This is a little info on the files found in /etc/ directory. Before heading into the topic I would recommend you not to mess with /etc/ without clear...
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