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Do You Know To tweak Firefox Shortcuts?

Below is the major list of shortcut command for all versions of Firefox, also the shortcuts remains same in all the Operating System. 1. Keyboard Shortcut-Spacebar: page down-Shift-Spacebar: page up-Ctrl+F: find-Alt-N: find next-Ctrl+D: bookmark page-Ctrl+T: new tab-Ctrl+K: go to search box-Ctrl+L: go to address bar-Ctrl+=: increase text size-Ctrl+-:...
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How To Access SSH Server From The Browser ?

As you know SSH ( Secure Shell ) is a cryptographic Network Protocol for secure data communication over the notoriously insecure network. The dependent properties to access SSH protocol is just to have a SSH Server and Client setup. In this post I’m gonna explain the steps to install SSH server in the...
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HOW TO: Back Up Firefox Browser Password ?

You see it every day, what we call the browser which projects the way to make things look great to human eye through the graphical web windows. They can dramatically change the way you interact with the web. Here is the scenario, If your browser holds sensitive data’s...
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Top 5 Firefox Addons For Anonymous Browsing

The stage of Internet holds approximately more than 200 million active websites. Every website you access tracks you by default. The real problem here is 90% of all websites feed visitor to Google, where your online activities are linked and log every single moment of your internet experience, means even if...
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