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Hi, We know Email Id of a person will explain a lot about him/her. The Harvester Information Gathering tool will help you to extract the Email IDs, subdomains, host open port and banner from public Search Engines and PGP key Servers. In this article I am going to show you “How to extract the Email ID’s from Google“.

You can download The Harvester from here

The steps performed are in Ubuntu OS, and make sure that the python package is installed in your OS by entering “python –version” command in terminal. If not you can install it by this command “sudo apt-get install python“.

STEP 1:- Open the Terminal by keying  Ctrl + Alt + T.


STEP 2: – Extract the downloaded file to desktop by entering the command in Terminal. 

tar -xvf -C ~/Desktop

In my case

tar -xvf theHarvester-2.2a.tar.gz -C /Desktop


STEP 3:- Point the Terminal to the specific directory, In my case its in Desktop.

cd ~/Desktop


STEP 4:- Now you should able to view list of files inside theHarvester directory.



STEP 5:- Make theHarvester.py file as executable by changing the permission.

chmod +x theHarvester.py


STEP 5:- This command “python theHarvester.py”, will give you a list of option that harvester can perform.


STEP 6:- The best part of theHarvester is followed by this command.

“python theharvester.py -d ibm.com -l 500 -b google”

Above command will Extract 500 Email Id’s of IBM from google search Engine. you can change the search Engine and number of Email Id’s you as per your need. even you can change the search resource from google to Bing, LinkedIn or PGP server. 




Harverster is a haondy tool, which would give you juicy information from the public resource by active and passive means. Disclosure of your personal or official information in public resource will be easy for others to know about you and your inner you. So think before you act. 

I hope you enjoyed the article, feel free to leave your thoughts!!!  :)

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